My Name is Nicole Pazin.

I grew up in the woods of Wisconsin. Born and Raised. I have like an art of some kind all of my life. It has given me a voice in a way that I cannot explain in just words alone.

I not only want to speak the words to you, but for you to see and feel it as well. My self expression is a way of my own self discovery. The greatest question is to each of us is "Who Are You?". Not your name, not gender, but what defines you as an individual, who are you at your roots, your deepest core. I have skills in art, but that does not just make me an artist. Having a child does not just make me a mom. And are you going to let life experiences define who you are?

For me I find my inspiration to be from the unseen, things at which sometimes you only catch in a verse of a song. There is someone speaking to my heart at all times. This person is GOD. I am his sheep, he is my reason. The one that has be with my every step of the way each and everyday. The faith comes to us in mystic ways. You can ignore it, or embrace it. It's a pull that cannot be severed.

So, when I create art it comes from whats inside.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 

COPYWRIGHT 2017 @ Gall Gallery  

this_is_nikki88@hotmail.com             WI

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